10 Things Corporate Counsel Hate - And How to Avoid Them

Today’s in-house counsel are changing the practice of law. GCs and CLOs are leading the charge to implement new legal technology, to bring new efficiencies to the legal process, and to, simply, do more with less. Meanwhile growing in-house expertise and autonomy are changing the dynamic with outside counsel, as corporate clients demand to be treated not as advisees, but as partners. If you want their business, you’ll need to keep them happy.

We want to help you do that. Join this on-demand webinar featuring Robert Schlossman, Chief Legal Officer at Zscaler, and Laszlo Kupan, General Counsel at J.D. Power, as we explore the 10 things corporate counsel hate—and how to avoid them.

Featured Presenters:

Robert Schlossman, Chief Legal Officer at Zscaler, has been a key legal and business advisor to CEOs, management teams, and boards of directors of public, private equity, and venture capital backed companies. Robert develops legal departments into organizations that both protect a company and enable the success of the business. He has substantial experience with streamlining legal operations, optimizing legal budgets, creating and managing compliance programs, IP strategy, contracts, litigation, and more.

Laszlo Kupan, General Counsel at J.D. Power, one of the leading marketing information services companies, works to help the company realize both its business and legal objectives. Prior to joining J.D. Power, Laszlo worked as senior counsel for Live Nation and General Counsel for Access Integrated Healthcare.

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