2017 eDiscovery Case Law Update

Join Logikcull and a panel of experts for lessons and best practices to be learned from the most important eDiscovery cases -- and debacles -- of the year. Seven cases will be featured. Come for the hardcore precedence. Stay for the surprise bonus lessons. Michael Simon and Timothy Lohse will host.

Featured cases include:

  • Fischer v. Forrest - Boilerplate objections create havoc
  • Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Ass'n - If at first you don't produce correctly, try try again.
  • Harleysville Ins. Co. v. Holding Funeral Home - Hitting 'reply all' to the entire internet = privilege waiver
  • Solo v. UPS Co. - Proportionality is here, finally.
  • Shawe v. Elting - Bad conduct draws bad sanctions...
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