New Horizons in Data and Litigation

The amount of data available to legal professionals is expanding at a mind-boggling pace. Over 2.5 exabytes, or 75 trillion pages’ worth, of data is generated every day. And much of it isn’t the email inboxes and Office documents attorneys are used to dealing with.

From chat messages, to IoT data, to ephemeral communications, tomorrow’s case-dispositive data can take nearly any shape.

Join us for this webinar as we explore the ways novel data sources are reshaping the future of discovery and litigation. Topics to be covered include:

  • Mobile data: Does BYOD, BYOA and BOYC all add up to Bring Your Own Nightmare?

  • Redefining TL;DR with ephemeral messaging

  • Welcome to your quantified life. BTW, it’s all discoverable

  • The IoT isn’t SciFi. It’s here now and it’s also all discoverable

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