Virtual Law Firm Toolkit: A Guide to Building The Perfect Cloud-based Practice

Whether you’re hanging your own shingle, moving to a paperless practice, or just looking to modernize your firm, the tools you need to succeed as a legal professional are increasingly in the cloud. And that’s good news.

As the BigLaw model faces a decade of stagnation, the cloud is allowing innovative lawyers to level the playing field without costly investments in infrastructure, to take on new opportunities, and gain an advantage over their more flat-footed competitors.

Watch this webinar to learn how cloud-based technology can help you build a practice that runs smoothly, efficiently, and successfully, cutting back on the drudgery and allowing you to focus on the work that most matters.

Participants will learn:

  • The benefits the cloud brings to legal practice

  • Tips for selecting cloud-based tools

  • Practical tools for everything from managing relationships, to legal research, to dealing with evidence

Featured Presenters:

Michael Chasin is the CEO and co-founder of Lexicata as well as one other legal tech company, LawKick. He was born and raised in Los Angeles but went to college in both Barcelona, Spain and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He returned back to Los Angeles to complete his JD & MBA Degrees from Loyola Marymount University.

Casey Sullivan is an attorney in San Francisco, who leads thought leadership and consumer education efforts at Logikcull.

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