eDiscovery Dirty Tricks - And How to Defeat Them

Join a panel of experts as they identify some of the most common underhanded eDiscovery tricks and teach you what you can do to defeat them.

Document dumps, questionable denials of custody and control, meritless objections—when it comes to eDiscovery, your opposing counsel may have a few dirty tricks up his sleeve.

Learn to how to counter common situations such as:

  • When a party produces everything plus the kitchen sink

  • When counsel wields proportionality as both a shield and a sword

  • When attorneys play games with privilege claims

  • And many more!

Featured Presenters:

Brian Wolfinger: Chief Technology Officer at Everest Technologies, Brian Wolfinger has decades of experience in the worlds of digital forensics and electronic discovery, as founder of Wolfinger Forensics, former CISO and VP of Technology at LDiscovery, and Manager of the Emergency Response Services at ISS.

Rebecca Rakoski: Rebecca Rakoski is the co-founder and managing partner at XPAN Law Group, a boutique law firm focusing exclusively on cybersecurity and data privacy. She is an expert on the intersection of technology and legal obligations and liabilities and has extensive experience in cybersecurity standards and guidelines.

Moneet Kohli: An attorney and seasoned eDiscovery expert, Moneet Kohli helps legal professionals implement, manage, and simplify eDiscovery, as Senior Customer Success Manager at Logikcull. In the past, Moneet managed eDiscovery projects at multiple AmLaw 100 firms and corporations throughout the United States. She also serves as San Francisco's Chapter Director of Women in eDiscovery.

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