How to Control Data and Reduce Corporate Discovery Costs

eDiscovery can be expensive, risky, complex—and expensive again. For companies dealing with massive amounts of data in litigation, it’s not unusual to see budgets quickly overwhelmed by burdensome discovery requirements, endless vendor bills, and outside counsel who fail to make efficiency a concern, let alone a priority. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A comprehensive corporate eDiscovery program can reduce discovery costs by tens of millions of dollars—or more.

Join us for this webinar featuring experts who have saved companies millions.

Attendees will learn:

  • The characteristics of a cost-effective eDiscovery program

  • Strategies for active litigation management

  • The role of information governance in reducing corporate legal spend

  • How outside counsel can contribute to corporate cost savings

Featured Presenters:

Wayne Matus, Matus Consulting Group LLC: Wayne Matus is a litigation partner & managing director with extensive experience in litigation, investigations and compliance, adept at solving eDiscovery, privacy & data related problems for organizations large & small. Prior to launching Matus Consulting Group LLC, Wayne revolutionized the eDiscovery process at UBS, reducing eDiscovery costs by tens of milions of dollars.

Bill McManus, Partner at Cosmich Simmons & Brown: Bill is an experienced litigator & corporate counsel with specialized expertise in eDiscovery, information management, & more. Bill’s practice focused on utilizing dedicated teams of attorneys & leveraging technology to streamline legal processes with predictable pricing & predictable & defensible outcomes.

Ron Sotak, Director of e-Discovery at Cosmich, Simmons & Brown: Ron manages a specialized team of document review attorneys within the firm’s Strategic Business Solutions practice group. Ron has worked with corporate & merits counsel to develop custom workflows utilizing state-of-the-art technologies in hundreds of document review projects.

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