Inside Baker Donelson’s Powerfully Simple Approach to eDiscovery

Long before the current health and economic crises forced other firms’ hands, Baker Donelson was proactively laying the groundwork for a new approach to eDiscovery. Now, more than a year later, their new way of doing discovery has resulted in:

  1. More autonomy and control over the eDiscovery review and production process
  2. Lower overall costs to clients
  3. Faster direct engagement with the documents and data by the trial teams
  4. Minimal internal overhead and litigation support needs

How did this AmLaw 100 firm accomplish such a significant change? Join this webinar as we dive into Baker Donelson’s new approach, with the law firm leaders behind the change.

Featured Presenters

Clinton Sanko, Shareholder and eDiscovery Officer, Baker Donelson

Clinton Sanko, a Baker Donelson shareholder and the firm's eDiscovery and document review officer, is a seasoned commercial trial lawyer advocating for client value through proportionate eDiscovery. As a trial lawyer and technology enthusiast, Sanko has 13 years of experience dealing with eDiscovery issues in litigation settings, helping clients maintain a proportionate approach to finding what is needed and complying with all legal obligations, while keeping costs measured and unearthing the case story buried in the documents.

Anthony Mendenhall, Director of eDiscovery Operations, Baker Donelson

As Baker Donelson’s eDiscovery operations director, Anthony Mendenhall uses his deep technical and legal background to ensure eDiscovery projects run smoothly, efficiently and in accordance with industry best practices. In his role, Mendenhall has principal responsibility to oversee all eDiscovery services and actively oversees process creation and improvement to ensure all services are provided to the highest standards and industry best practices and, ultimately, to maximize the value being delivered to the client.

Robert Hilson, Vice President, Logikcull

A vice president at Logikcull and former executive director of the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists, Robert Hilson has more than ten year’s experience in the discovery industry. At Logikcull, Hilson brings his extensive expertise to driving industry engagement and education around the most pressing discovery challenges.


For downloadable resources mentioned in this webinar, including Logikcull's Baker Donelson case study, the 2019 eDiscovery Billing and Cost Recovery Survey and the 2020 Corporate In-Housing Survey, please visit

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