New Benchmarks for In-House Legal Teams

Over 40 organizations let us look into their discovery and investigations process. Join us to learn what we found.

Logikcull’s 2020 In-Housing Survey gathers candid insights from leading corporate legal teams to set new benchmarks on:

  • The typical in-house litigation docket

  • The most effective cost control measures

  • Managing outside counsel discovery costs

  • The greatest barriers to in-housing

  • And much more!

Presented By:

Katie Lynch, Director of Legal Support, Veolia North America As director of legal support at Veolia, Katie Lynch relies on her more than 14 years of in-house legal experience to manage the litigation portfolios of Veolia’s four North American business groups. In that role, Lynch is responsible for discovery, litigation holds, and records management and has pioneered innovative strategies for reducing data, speeding discovery, and collaborating with outside counsel as part of a nimble, strategic in-house legal team.

Robert Hilson, Senior Director, Logikcull A senior director at Logikcull and former executive director of the Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists, Robert Hilson has more than ten year’s experience in the discovery industry. At Logikcull, Robert Hilson brings his extensive expertise to driving industry engagement and education around the most pressing discovery challenges.

Casey Sullivan, Head of Content, Logikcull Casey Sullivan is an attorney and writer based out of San Francisco who leads Logikcull’s content and education efforts. In addition to organizing webinars, releasing white papers, and conducting industry surveys, he writes Logikcull’s news, discovery, and technology blog at

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