Slack, Social Media and Self-Deleting Texts: Developments in Employment Law

With the explosion of new technology and forms of communication, the modern workplace has become a hotbed of potential evidence that proves essential in labor and employment disputes and investigations.

Landlines and water coolers have long been replaced by Slack and Google Hangouts -- and the resulting landscape is one that can vex employers and attorneys who are not up to speed. In this Logikcull webinar, experts including Eric Meyer, partner at Dilworth Paxson in Philadelphia and author of the award-winning Employer Handbook blog, give practical guidance for legal professionals on hot topics, including:

  • The obligations of employers to maintain and update social media, BYOD and other technology-related policies,

  • Navigating personal text messages, emojis, social media and Slack in the course of discovery,

  • The impact of recent case law on employee right to privacy in light of new technology,

  • Self-deleting messaging apps, “ephemeral” media, and their consequences on the duty to preserve.

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