Six Avoidable Legal Hold Challenges—And How to Overcome Them

In theory, issuing a legal hold is straightforward: draft the sternly-worded notice, hit send, and watch the receipts roll in. In practice, and without a well-defined process, it can be a quagmire of spreadsheets, flustered custodians, and accidentally-deleted email responses. Woof.

What do the most orderly legal departments do to ensure an efficient, low-risk hold with no surprises? Linsday Kolar, corporate paralegal at Gordon Food Services, examines the top 6 challenges associated with applying legal holds—and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Get insights on:

  • Drafting templatized, jargon-free holds custodians can understand
  • Tracking confirmation of receipt in a consistent fashion
  • Phasing out manual processes and overcoming spreadsheet chaos
  • Managing and talking down bewildered notice recipients
  • Ensuring preservation by third parties